10. ?uestlove (@questlove)
The world's busiest and most connected drummer gives us ringside seats to "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon", offers copious music recommendations and Seinfeld-esque quips about nothing, and humbly clues us in to the fact that he knows (and has probably played with) every musician ever.
Choice Tweet: "let the countdown start on me investing stocks in child chiropractor services #WhipMyHairVideo"
Multimedia?: Absolutely. Watch backstage footage with Dirty Projectors or listen to hard-to-find Jay-Z sample sources.
Will he @ you back?: There's a decent chance. Especially if you're famous: "@rosariodawson you've come a long way. met you 10 years ago to this day @ Riq's party and you didn't even know Tribe #nowlookatya"

The L.A. noise rockers provide hilariously potty-mouthed revelations, typically relating to bodily functions, or, like, "Disregarding the massive social stigma, is it really morally wrong to let a dog lick peanut butter out of your ass?"
Choice Tweet: "it's odd when you hear some dude on the phone while he is shitting in a public bathroom and he seems to be carrying on a good conversation"
Multimedia?: No. Unless you count the possibly-scarring mental images: "The idea of wiping my ass with my left hand is so foreign... if I lost my right in an accident I might have to learn to wipe with the hook."
Will they @ you back?: What do you even say to that?

08. Damian Abraham (@leftfordamian)
A relatively late adopter of Twitter, Fucked Up's hulking frontman keeps his work breezy and to-the-point: shouting out favorite bands, cracking political jokes, getting amped about pro wrestling. He also spends a surprising amount of time baiting fans of the Clash and Fugazi.
Choice Tweet: "Why does cola need coloring? What is so horrific about it's natural coloring they feel the need to hide it with the color brown?"
Multimedia?: No.
Will he @ you back?: There's not a ton of Twitter conversation going on here.

07. Best Coast (@bestcoastyy)
Best Coast leader Bethany Cosentino is perfect for Twitter because she's as in love with pop culture as anyone else in your feed, and she delights in the little triumphs of touring life (finding a Chipotle across the street from that night's venue, for instance). She also talks a lot about her cats and "Jersey Shore" star Snooki.
Multimedia?: Yes. Cat pics, especially.
Will she @ you back?: Possibly, especially if you announce plans to propose to your significant other at a Best Coast show. This happens more often than you'd expect.

06. Lil B
Real talk for a second: if you've unfollowed weirdo-rap upstart Lil B in the past few months, we understand. He retweets almost everything people say about him, which can clog up your feed something harsh. It's impossible to deny, though, that few Internet personalities say as much crazy, unfiltered shit as this guy, even if it's just "party buttcheeks Grandma" (actual excerpt, no lie). It's worth checking in with him once in a while, just to get blessed by the Based God himself, he of a staggering amount of memes and a startlingly good handle on how to promote yourself in the Internet age.
Choice Tweet: "never eat prunes as a snack!! at 300am in the morning playing nba sk11 on xbox 360 after blowing a blunt... I was punished - Lil B"
Multimedia: Multimedia? How about too much media? Between links to new songs, videos of people dancing to his music, and retweet after retweet, there's definitely a lot to look at (and listen to).
Will he @ you back?: If you talk about how great he is or mention Mel Gibson in the same breath as his Twitter handle, absolutely.

05. Wayne Coyne (@waynecoyne)
Somehow, the everyday life of the Flaming Lips-leading psych-rock godhead is even more fucked up than you imagined. (No, we didn't think it was possible either.) This is also possibly the least safe-for-work feed on this entire list: If he's not posting nude pics of his wife, Wayne is sharing videos of blood spouting from his friends' fingers.
Choice Tweet: "Canadian money is surprisingly psychedelic....."
Multimedia?: Certainly one of the more visual tweeters out there. Nearly every tweet is abetted with a trippy pic or video. Like this phallic short featuring Wayne putting a plug in a socket over and over.
Will he @ you back?: No. Wayne's exclusively operating on his own wavelength here.

04. Trent Reznor (@trent_reznor)
These days, the Nine Inch Nails mastermind is all business, using his feed to keep his fanbase updated on new projects and nothing else. But back in the day, Reznor was one of the first rock stars on Twitter, and one of the best ever to do it. He held contests, posted loads of free stuff, opened up about personal relationships, aired out old music industry beefs, and cursed out invasive fans. Plus, it was fascinating to watch him compulsively deactivating and reactivating the Twitter.
Choice Tweet: "Grammy asshole weekend in LA. Yuck... The Grammys = the old guard / old media propping up their puppets trying to convince the outside world (and each other) they're relevant."
Multimedia?: Yes, tons. It's still the best way to keep up with new Reznor projects.
Will he @ you back?: Do you know how busy this guy is? Or how many followers he has? Leave him alone.

03. Jay Reatard (@jayreatard)
We all know of the Memphis punk firebrand's tragic demise, and his long-dormant Twitter account is a strange, funny, and slightly disturbing account of not only his time on earth, but his final days as well. Like Kurt Cobain's Journals, it's inherently somewhat morbid, but also provides tremendous insight into his character. It's an incredible read-- a look into the life and mind of an artist who left way, way before his time should've been up.
Choice Tweet: "Band quit ! Fuck them ! They are boring rich kids who can't play for ahit anyways .. Say hello to your ugly and boring wifes opps I mean ..."
Will he @ you back?: He often did.

02. Diplo (@diplo)
This globe-hopping DJ and producer's Twitter is like the never-ending, passport-popping party the rest of us can only dream about-- without any pesky hangovers or jet lag.
Choice Tweet: "Jesus lord its so hott in jamaica right now a bullfrog just exploded in front of me when i played our new rhythm of my ipod"
Pics/Video?: Yes. Including pictures of Diplo's optometrist, and female boxing.
Will he @ you back?: Totally realistic, considering he's constantly @-ing. For instance: "@NikkiSixx gonna do drugs and commit suicide and come back as a butterfly"

01. Kanye West (@kanyewest)
The gold standard: A rap superstar who largely forgoes interviews, letting the world directly in on his smartest/dumbest/craziest ideas, shouting out his inspirations, telling us what country he's in or what he's wearing that day, wondering what he should title his album. Kanye's Twitter has become famous for its straight-faced references to extreme opulence ("Fur pillows hard to actually sleep on"), but it's just as notable for the extended jags where Kanye talks about his favorite musicians or vents about his frustration with his public image. A rare example of one of the world's most famous creative people holding nothing back and sharing whatever he's thinking at that moment with a few million people.
Choice Tweet: "If baroque and mod had a car crash... what would that ambulance look like?"
Multimedia?: Yes. Kanye immediately links to the new songs in his required-listening G.O.O.D. Fridays series of free mp3s whenever he posts them, which we find especially helpful.
Will he @ you back?: Maybe, but your chances increase if you're as famous as he is.