Among the biggest challenges facing the team behind Danny Boyle's kinetic, heart-pounding 127 Hours was how to recount faithfully the tale of Aron Ralston, the outdoorsman driven to amputate his hand after being trapped in a remote Utah canyon for nearly a week. (Trailer After Jump)

Recently being in the news for it's infamous audience reaction. Screening at Toronto had "three faintings and one seizure," was reported bt The Wrap's John H. Foote (via The Guardian).

"We forced everybody to keep working — pushing, pushing — in the hope that it would bleed into the film. That sense of restlessness would bleed into the film and make it bearable to watch." Boyle Explained

"I was watching a guy accepting his own death, but not wallowing in self-pity. He held this respect for everyone he addressed. … It was very, very powerful and it was one of the things that guided me through."

Franco is earning acclaim for his intense, dramatic turn in 127 Hours, following his roles in Judd Apatow comedies such as Pineapple Express, the Spider-Man franchise and Apatow's cult high school TV series Freaks and Geeks.

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[Cuts from a CBC news report by Jessica Wong]